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  • Time Tracking
  • Mail Activity
  • Location Tracking
  • Organize Your Team
  • Project Analytics
  • Multi Admin Per Project
  • & More
Awesome Tools

Project managers fall in love with timelock

Screenshot Capture

Automated Random Screenshots help track employee activity...

eMail Activity

Deviation from normal employee email activity may be the first indicator th...

Time Management

With a finite number of hours available every day, proper management...


Managers receive daily and weekly reports with hours, websites and applicat...

Web & App Usage

See which websites and apps are being used.

Track Breaks

Track breaks and time spent away from the computer

Time Use Alerts

Alerts remind you to stay off Facebook or other timewasters

Skyrocket productivity with insights for everyone.

Gain clear insights into employee activities leading with insights into productivity.

Understand how your team works – from everywhere! Empower your people, hone healthy work habits, and optimize processes so you can do great things. Spotlight Patterns That Fuel Success.

Workforce & Project Analytics

Clockster delivers visibility into how time is being spent across people, process and technology so managers can ensure that teams are productive, working wisely, and aligned with business goals, while having the meaningful data they need to be Rocks...

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